Monthly Archives: February 2008

Me so nerdy…

Obeying my right hand connected hemisphere, which is my left one, actually…I have to tell you about this goody:

My Archos 605 Wifi 80 GB PiMP. See this product page for all its possibilities.

It is just so sweeet! Plugin architectures rule! Too bad it is proprietary tho, so no free open source plugins 🙁 I had to buy 2 plugins so far: Opera for viewing the web, and one that let’sme play apple-codec encoded moviez (nice for watching your favorite vodcasts). What’s also too bad is that they make you pay for all the old options: TV out needs a docking station or travel thingy; No standard USB charging (you need a special charger cable); bla bla etc…

I have it with me here in NZ and it serves me so well! Not only did I bring a lot of movies, documentaries, ebooks and audiobooks (which I still prefer to hear on my iPod) on it, but also heaps of my digitalized comics. I did, however, have to write me up some scripts to convert them from CBR to HTML, but it was so worth it! I find it hard to switch to a normal book most of the times, but hey…why would I?

Btw, if anybody is interested in my scripts, I’d be happy to share them.

I’ve decided

..that for this journey, I will be the techie, and Corine the journalist. She does it so well 🙂
I am the one doing all the hard work on the background tho, saving and processing our life’s data :p
So I won’t be translating any of her posts (just yet). But to accomodate the ones that don’t read Dutch, I have a link that show’s her blog in English. Don’t bother me for any spelling mistakes, for the translation is done by Google.

So here’s Corine’s blog in English. It might take a while to get translated, so plz have patience…

Did you notice that I have uploaded more picz?