About Me

My name is Maurice Faber (aka Morriz), and I think I have some things to share. These are best described by telling some things about myself.

Most of all, I love to travel. I decided a long time ago that I should visit a new country every time it’s winter in the Netherlands. When I am not travelling, I might be working as a freelance programmer. I’ve been doing lots of different projects and helped design and build some amazing architectures. I have been active in web tech since 1999 and handled many clients. I evolved from 10 years of PHP into full stack javascript (last 10 years) and cloud architectures (last 5 years). In the mean time I was always trying to automate the entire software process. So nowadays I feel right at home in 12-factor designs involving full software lifecycle automation. Preferably with container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. But I still love to make usable apps as well (React Native is my latest game), so don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can always check out my CV of course: Maurice Faber’s CV

My open source contributions can be found on GitHub here: Maurice Faber’s GitHub account

Of course I also have a LinkedIN account, which can be found here: Maurice Faber’s LinkedIN account

So far I have one app on the Play Store: the KrakenFX app to trade on the Kraken exchange.