Geo Stuff

Did I already tell you that I love Geo Mashups? Not only Google Maps is rocking hard with My Maps and Mapplets. No, everybody is stepping in. Yahoo pipes added sources and filters for geotagged information. MSN’s live maps integrated the Photosynth application it bought (pfff) in 2007. If you zoom in on a map that offers ‘birds eye’ view for that region, you see real pictures overlayed in perspective with regard to their POV (point of view).

Well, you get it now. Geo Services, I like! So when I bought my Kohjinsha tablet pc in Japan last year, I immediately envisioned it sitting on the dashboard of my car. Hooked up to high speed internet. Telling me when and where I pass points of interest that I selected myself by means of feeds and filters. Now it’s reality, and it rocks! If only I had hight speed internet while traveling 😐

I have split up this page into some sub pages:

  • My Geo Cache: travels I logged and made available for viewing/download.