KrakOn support

The app should be self explanatory, but let me repeat the notes:

  • Setting a “Profit/Loss price” price in a “limit” order without leverage will place a conditional “market” order to either “stop loss” or “take profit”. However, if leverage is set, the closing order will be of type “limit” and with the same leverage, to “close” the position.
  • It is only possible to “close” previously opened positions by creating a new opposing “limit” order (with leverage!) of the same amount (or higher, if you want to take the remainder into an opposing postion).
  • the app uses localised settings, so punctuation in numbers should reflect your preference. Unfortunately it’s not very easy to configure your locale on Android.

And the security information:

  • No profile or personal information necessary to use the app.
  • Only general anonymous user behaviour is tracked to see where we can improve on the app 🙂
  • No backend server is used for storage of anything. We do send application logs to Sentry, but any sensitive information is stripped before sending from device. So nothing personal or secret is saved outside of your device. We do strongly recommend to always create an api key with only the necessary rights. If you created a key that allows trading in the app, and somebody compromises your key, they can make stupid order placements on your behalf. (But they would need physical access to your device for quite some time, so very unlikely.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions remaining 🙂