last chance

We actually went to Cordoba to meet Robyn and Marcelo. They were the first to react to a forumpost in which we tried to sell our car. They even took us into our home so we could arrange for everything. They were so warm and kind and invited us to visit their family. The case was that Marcelo’s family needed to be involved in the buying of the car. Thats how it is in Argentina, especially if they all want to lend u some money 😛 So yesterday we went along and were kindly taken in by their family in some tiny village called capilla something. On the last part of the road (which was a good dirtroad) Marcelo tried the car. But he went around 80 km/h and that got me so scared! At that speed I lost control when I had the accident. So I told him that, but he misinterpreted what I said and went even faster…OMG! Corine and Robyn were talking in the back of the car all the time and hadn’t noticed a thing! Anyway, we finally arrived at his family’s restaurant and had italian aperitives. Cinzano, Fernet and some other liquor thingy I actually liked were served with soda and lemon. Yummy! A little boy with a little tummy prepared us some great pizzas (which he always took the first piece of, ofcourse). And Marcelos mum was cooking all the time and serving her famous tortillas. We had a great time and ended up sleeping in their newly built house. Nobody lived in it yet for it still had a lot to be done in the kitchen. And thats very tipical of Argentina, that they start building stuff and stop if the money runs out. It seems that everybody spends any money coming in immeditaely. They wont put it in the bank anymore, thats for sure! So a lot of houses just have one story with support sticking out for the next one. Crazy!
Sadly tho, the next day, after a quick inspection of the car by some cousin, we heard they wouldnt buy our car 🙁 Their cousin had told them because it is an imported car they would have trouble finding cheap parts. I never experienced any such trouble tho, having bought many parts here for reparations. So that sucked, but hey, what can you say?
So now were on the move again, heading for BA where we hope to sell our car. We still have some interested people that want to see our car, so lets try to cut a deal!