Spending some…

Yup, the cash is in the moneybelt 🙂
We got paid in full in bills of hundred, straight from the old sock under the bed 😛 We started spending immediately, for who wants to be a walking target with all that money on her/him? We couldnt put in on the bank without a hassle, so we´ll have to keep it with us…or leave it at the hostel…where somebody actually just broke into a room of a guest and took her stuff 🙁 So we said no way jose, and split it to spread the risk.
I just left Corine with some hairdressers which were recommended by two really nice gay guys from some fashion boutique here in San Telmo. They were working on some fairly old women tho, making em look really young again…hope its not the other way around with Corine 😛
By the way, I put a lot of new photo´s online, so chek em out!