Why, why…WHY?

Yes, I started my own blog (finally). And yes, I know, I must have my answer ready when people ask me why they should read my blog. So here it is. No preparation, straight in your face:


I am already enjoying this, and I know you will too…soon. When I start posting incredible stuff that’s happening on the net. And in my life, and in real life….and and…

“STOP! Don’t flood your readers boy. Don’t think that the rules of blogging don’t apply to you.”

Wtf? I listened to the voice of the masses, resonating through the forgotten, emptied bodies of dying blogs. It continues:

“Specialise in a subject, please, please DON’T blog about EVERYTHING. We want to know what to expect!”

But I have so many topics to rave about. What do I do?
Hah! So I must create distinct categories for my posts! And use meaningful tags. So people can find what they want!

“Yes boy, filter, FILTER!”

And maybe I could provide RSS feeds for those categories. For my readers’ favourite apps to consume? That way they wouldn’t have to go to my blog and do all that clicka dee click to get what they want.

So off I went…to create a structured tree of my offered interests. If you take a close look at my ‘categories’ section, you will possibly find something of interest. If so, just click on te RSS feed icon next to one, and save the feed. You don’t know what that is or how to do that? No worries, I will tell you how in my next post.