Finally released: new KrakenFX app to trade on the Kraken exchange

Over one year ago, after noticing the lack of a mobile app to trade on the Kraken exchange, I set out to build one. A good opportunity to learn React Native I thought. After some months of hard work it had all I wanted. But when I was already using it myself for a while I lost interest. Well, maybe also because the whole crypto market crashed. Anyway, I (literally) took distance and started traveling again.

But a little over a month ago I broke my hip and could only lie down. I was separated from the world and stepped into my programming bubble once again. And so I finally manage to finish up the app, so I hereby want to present to you the first production release of the new KrakOn app for Android (iOS still pending review).

I specifically wanted the app to stay simple, beautiful and easy to use. Because some of these apps out there are so ugly and hard to grasp, it just made me cry ;p

So why don’t you head over to the Play Store and try it out? It makes trading on Kraken fun again. Their api rarely times out nowadays, which tells me that Kraken has made an effort to stay in the game as one of the major exchanges.