Firefox Plugins

Last updated 4 June 2012 at 18:15h.

Ok, here’s a small list of plugins that I use all the time:

  • Tab Mix Plus
    The best all in one extension that covers everything that Firefox itself does not, or not well. A couple of my reasons for going with it:
    – LIFO tab rotation: Ctrl-Tab gives a visible menu (like Alt-Tab, not default though), and shows a tab list where the previously active tab is shown on top.
    – Tab memory: remember up to a configurable amount of tabs. If you closed on too many, hit CTRL-F12 or right click on the tab bar to see the ‘Closed Tabs List’.
    – Session memory: you can keep everything the way it is, even after a crash.
  • Firebug: for programmers / web designers.

Ahhhh, I am sitting behind my comp a bit too much right now….will be back to update this list later.

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