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Last updated 4 June 2012 at 18:01h.

I really, really need the following apps:

  • Quicksilver: the original action driven command line do-it-all tool! The Services Menu Module automatically exposes all of OSX’s context related services, and it has plugins for almost everything else you’d want it to do. It does not come close to any of the other simplified launchers/butlers etc.
    There are lots of plugins out of the box, just check em all out by viewing ‘all’ instead of ‘recommended’ plugins. Don’t forget to visit their plugins page! The plugins I really like are:

    • Services Menu Module
    • Remember the Milk
    • Google Calendar
    • Gmail
    • Firefox
    • WebSearch
    • Extra Scripts
  • Clippings: The best paid clipboard history tool that allows for immediate searching in, and to match it’s items, but also allows for inline editing. I have put it under CTRL+CMD+H.
  • ClipMenu: the best of the FREE clipboard history tools for OSX if you ask me. Unfortunately it has no search functionality (if it did, I wouldn’t use Clippings). It allows for permanent storage of snippets, like signatures etc, which is what I use it for. I trigger this one with CTRL+ALT+CMD+H.
  • Notational Velocity: A very simple and intuitive text based interface to to your SimpleNote account. It also allows for saving (encrypted) text files, making it ideal for DropBox usage. I use simplenote on all my devices to store text notes, because it’s the fastest and most user friendly.
  • MenuTab Pro: Very nice Adobe Air overlay of the Facebook website that becomes visible by pressing CTRL-F. Has sound and visible notifications. I use it all the time.
  • DropBox: (Selectively) sync your files across multiple computers and the cloud for complete backup / availability needs. Sharing a folder with other DropBox users is a nice feature.
  • InSync: Syncs your google docs to a local folder (and vice versa), and converts them to native formats, allowing you to edit them offline with the editor of your choice, provided they can handle the extensions (doc/xls/ppt).
    Google Drive does not offer these functions, and therefore I have no need for it.
  • TotalFinder: Nicely groups finder tabs in one window.
  • Firefox: If you are a power user, you can’t live without the only browser that offers LIFO tab usage. I use the TabMixPlus plugin for that, but you can use others if you don’t wish to customize as much as TMP offers. Firefox’ plugin architecture is superior to that of all the other browsers, allowing for everything to be customized. It has its downsides tho, because sometimes you install a plugin that slows Firefox down. Just uninstall or disable it.

Alright, that’s it for now. Let me think of some more till next time.

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