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Kohjinsha SR

Ok, I was in Japan..and had to get me one: the Kohjinsha SR. Of course I also ordered the 2 GB  mem upgrade, the large battery and the car charger.
I must say it’s rather sweet. The touchscreen especially has me panting. Installed some FF plugins like mouse gestures and the likes, and now it’s almost dashboard ready for my car :p. Almost. I just setup a XAMPP server to serve me a google maps page which updates every 4 seconds (thanks to the original post by Ryan Byrd). Now I am waiting for the next GpsBabel beta that supports my Qstarz BT1000 gps mouse. With a little mashing of google maps services I can drive around and see my personalised stuff be updated on the screen in real time :).

Update: the latest GpsBabel just came out, and I got my setup working aok! Darn slowness of my phones GPRS internet connection won’t handle the payload though 🙁

Something related that also needs mashing into my own project:

Google Calendar Map Generator