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My pentesting crash course

Oh yeah, after a silent retreat of about 4 months, I was super hungry for new knowledge, and couldn’t resist to dive into the world of internet security. I got myself up to par with the current state of affairs with regards to vulnerabilities and exploits, pentesting distros, and learnt the basics of crypto technology to make sense of it all. I was getting kinda paranoid and gloomy when I found out that the cyber criminals where winning and already had a huge head start. All the vulnerabilities that were found and left in place by vultures such as the NSA and other criminals allowed for mass surveillance and infiltration and manipulation of our digital lives, including our finances.

So I just had to study on, to know what is going on, what I could do, or what I SHOULD do. But I am not sure anymore, maybe I just want to stay with the sheep and pretend I am not interesting to any party, and can manage to keep my data intact and safe from criminals by rotating passwords and such. Or should I go completely off the grid and hope to turn my signals into noise? I have no such illusions, knowing where and how my data is tapped into. What I can do from now on is use encryption that the NSA did not get their hands on (like RSA-ECC/AES/SHA-3). Please google for yourself. You can start by checking the links on this post by Bruce Schneier.