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Moving but never leaving

Its true what they say about the burocracy in Argentina. We didn’t get the papers for the car on thursday, not on friday, but after the weekend on monday at 21hrs. Luckily we already got the groceries for the journey. We also said goodbye to everybody in the hostel again. People didn’t believe we were ever getting out of Ushuaia and had already lost faith. But we did it! We finally left! But didn´t we forget something? Sure, my camera battery and charger 😛 Ashamed we turned around and I rushed in and out of the hostel as not to face people again %]
Heh, on the road at last…iPod tunes soothing our ride, nice! But then we suddenly realize we forgot our brandnew 160 pesos (44 euro´s) airbed for 2 persons with builtin pump. Not only that, we also forgot to pay for the last 2 nights. So we must still find a way to balance that with the staff. It will probably work out, since we gotten pretty close in those 2 weeks.
How about it Emilio? LOL
So we just decided to stop thinking about it. In the darkest hour we did 30 km/h on some unpaved road with enourmous potholes towards Rio Grande….pffff. But we got to sleep on the beach…in our car that is 🙂 I repeat: in OUR CAR!!
Wake up time! Lets go and do that W thing close to Puerto Natales! After all we heard about getting in to Chili, we prepared for the worst. But what a slow moving cue to get out of Argentina, unbelievable! Again
surprised looks when the officials at the border heard we bought instead of
rented our car. Every time a superior is consulted about our situation and our car papers are thoroughly checked. But then we still had to get into Chili. Strangely tho that was no problem at all!
But what a road. It seemed like the moon! Corine drove 30 to 40 km/h for a long time at first and…POOF! There we were with a smoking used fiat uno 8/ Corine immediately lifted the hood ofcourse, and started to fill every possible reservoir with water. And it helped! Then I could have a go (despite my driverslicense still being in the mail). Luckily for us the road got increasingly better and I could go as fast as 80 km/h. That way we also didn’t feel the bumps and potholes as much 🙂 It was so exciting! I finally regained my Colin McRae rally instincts 😛 I do have to say that the rearview mirror fell off after 2 hours….

to be continued

Foto`s & comments

originally uploaded by moco2go.

Eindelijk kunnen we (lees Maurice) plaatjes op het weblog zetten. Als je op een plaatje klikt, kom je op de rest van de foto´s terecht (en we hebben nog veel meer op de ipod…).
En op veler verzoek (duh!): Je hoeft nu ook niet meer een `member` te worden om comments te geven.
Oh ja, op die foto zie je Ushuaia, het zuidelijkste puntje van Argentinie, vlakbij Antarctica (vandaar de jas). Vandaag hebben we een auto gekocht en morgen rijden we richting noorden!

[GP:Ushuaia beach ship wreck]