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Songza: just music, no strings.

Ha, very refreshing! Remember how most of todays online music services want you to install a client? Or want you to register? Or give you the impression that it might be tapping into a limited store of sponsored songs? Or are just too complex or trying to do too much?

Go check out Songza. It’s just a Plain Ol’ Website (with some smart scripting) that makes you search what you want and then play/playlist it with a clean friendly interface. I don’t say it looks that nice, but hey, I just wanna hear some music!

If you wonder where the songs are actually coming from, I checked under the hood: Youtube items are searched for, and only the audio is played. I wonder how much of those downloaded bits are actually used for music. Might not be such a good use of your bandwidth resources 😛 Also, if you are a quality freak, you might barf on some of the noise…

Anyway, try it while it’s online! The copyright lawyers might decide to take it down before turning to the real bad boy of the class: Youtube itself.