Still around

Aha, errr…where were we? So much has happened the last weeks. But we couldnt or didn´t feel like blogging, so lets try to recall some of the highlights…

After taking the ferry to Puntas Arenas we stayed there one night to go budgetshopping for more camping gear at the zona franca. Its a tax free zone were you can get imported goods. After driving in and out maybe 10 times we finally managed to get our stuff together 😛 Afterwards corine got a guy from an auto parts shop to assemble a new rearview mirror in our car. Ha, he even walked a couple of blocks around the neighborhood to got it all sorted out. If I haven´t mentioned it yet, the folks I met so far here in south america are very friendly and helpful.
But then we landed in Puerto Natales and found our hostel the Erratic Rock. It is run by Bill and Rustin, some wayback friends from the former US of A who lived their dream and started their own hostel. They do a good job at it and we gotten some nice info about the National Park were we wanted to do some hiking on the ´W´ in the national park Torres del Paine (towers of pain).
With our homemade soup we finally drove off and went for 3 daytreks, so Corine wouldn´t have to carry any stuff. (She still needs to take care of her repetitive strain injury.) After a night in the car (to much rain to put up camp) we managed to find a camping and go for the east part of the trail. But how glad we were to have bought some rain pants the day before! Many people struggled carrying fully stuffed backpacks and many people coming back showed disappointment when we got closer to the Torres. But it was beautiful anyway! What a site!

Shite, its twelve o´clock midnight and we have to leave the internet cafe…so I will finish tomorrow!