We´re alive!

Yes we are alive and still driving, even tho I managed to drive the car off the road after we got back from the Torres del Paine trip. Yes, it was me again, having done over a thousand kilometers on dirtroads I managed to lose control over the wheel on a strait part, just 2 km before the pavement would start again.

But this blog is dead as hell if I´m goin to back track our days, so let me do a quickie:

We saw penguins at last somewhere on the eastcoast, which gave us an insight into the weird ways of nature. Chek it out on this blog, its from a guy we met there. He does a 140 km p7h with his bike on the dirtroads 😛
After that we went back to the west coast (still avoiding dirt roads ofcourse) and visited the loveliest town so far called El Bolson, a true hippie village for the free minded spirits. I got told at some gasstation I should be able to buy some grass there (even tho I didnt ask for it but hey I´m Dutch). I asked the tourist info ´hey where are the hippies´and this girl took out a map and said ´here!´. So the same night we ended up camping a weekend long at some hippie trance festival. WOW!

Shite the internet shop closes again. I just did my insurance thingies cause they broke into our car, so thats for a next time. Stay put and come back more often, I will breathe some air into this blog 🙂